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Rights to Andre Norton estate settled
Last updated: 3.06.2009

As the legal proceedings concerning the future of the Norton estate come to an end, we can expect a much needed fresh wave of publications.
After 4 years of legal proceedings over the right to control the Norton Estate, the Tennessee Supreme Court has confirmed that Sue Stewart will control the copyright to books published during Nortonís life, including royalties on any reprints, while Mr. Horadam will receive royalties on any works published for the first time posthumously.

This ends what some described as "the legal twilight zone" for the Norton Estate. As a result many unpublished books and collaborations, which were put on hold due to the trial, have now received a green light and we should be published in the coming years.

At the moment, four manuscripts have been submitted for consideration to Baen Books. Three manuscripts, co-written by Andre in the last years of her life, will form a new series entitled "Ghea's Island". The series is set in a new world, not mentioned in previous Norton books. The 4th manuscript is entitled "Rusted Armor" and is based on a short story that Andre had written years ago.

In a final piece of news, several companies approached the Norton Estate attorney to ask for movie rights to the Witch World and discussions are under way. Rest assured that if any deal will be signed, this time the control over how the books will be filmed will be much stricter to avoid another "Beastmaster"-style fiasco.

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